servicing and Repairs


There will be a one-off quote fee of $25. This will be deducted from the bill as long as the work goes ahead. Quote approval is required before any work begins and / or parts required are ordered.

Turn-Around Time
We will try and turn-around all workshop jobs in 24 hours from the time they are booked provided parts are in stock. Electrical jobs are more complicated and require 48 hours minimum for repairs and testing. Please note we are not responsible for delays in parts arriving to us from suppliers.

Safety Check / Mini service
Involves most of the adjustment items. Tyres and wheels will be check, all bolts will be checked.
Regular Bike / Ebike – $50

General Service
Involves all of the adjustment items listed below and some of the overhaul items. We will test ride the bike for troubleshooting. Electric Bikes we will perform a battery health check and assess to motor for general wear and tear and / or faults (mid-drive re-grease as necessary).
Regular Bike – $100
Ebike – $120

Full Service
Involves all of the overhaul items listed below and a general service. The bike will be cleaned and degreased before it is returned. In addition all spoke tensions will be checked and we provide a condition report.
Regular Bike – $180
Ebike – $200

Adjustment / Overhaul Breakdown
Adjustment / Safety Check – $15
Overhaul – $25
Bleed (Per brake) – $15
Pad Change (per brake) – $10

Front Adjustment – $15
Rear Adjustment – $20
Cable Install – $5
Chain Install – $5
Chainring Install – $5
Cassette Install – $5
Complete Overhaul – $60
Drivetrain Degrease – $30

Bottom Bracket
Adjustment – $15
Installation – $25
Bearings Overhaul – $35
Crank Install – $5
Thread Repair – Call for quote

Adjustment – $15
Installation – $30
Bearings Overhaul – $35

Wheel True – $30
Wheel Build – $80
Hub Adjustment – $15
Hub Overhaul – $35
Wheel Repair – Call for quote
Tube install standard – $10
Tube install IGH – $20
Electric Hub Motor – $20

Battery Specific
Health Check – $50 (We will check charge voltage, voltage drop & sag and series voltages and capacity check)
Health Check + Balance – $85
Dead Cell Replacement – $30 per cell
BMS Replacement – From $125
Battery Case Repair – Call for quote
Full Battery Rebuild with new calls – Call for quote

Any other job required not listed above will be charged a rate of $75 per hour, calculated in 15min blocks.

On-site service
We provide an on site service and it is treated as a consultation, the above price list does not apply to on site repairs. Service is charged for the time the technician spends on site. The rate is $75 per hour, calculated in 15min blocks with a minimum charge of $40. There is no additional”call out” fee.

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