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Mammoth Pro

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Frame: aluminium alloy
Motor:750w brushless rear motor, 8FUN
Battery: 48V 11.6ah Samsung battery Controller:Intelligent brushless Charger:AC 100-240V,2A smart charger Front fork:Suspension fork Wheel: 26*4.0 KENDA
Brake: F/R Tektro hydraulic disc brake Derailleur:7-
speed Shimano Display:LCD display
Twist Throttle


Neither Ego-Tech Electric Bikes nor anyone employed by or associated with us
Disclaimerare responsible for what you do with the components or bikes we supply or how, where and why you use them.  Regular mountain bike riding is an action sport that can be dangerous and result in injury and adding a motor to your bike certainly does not reduce this risk! Please ride responsibly and within your limits, especially if you are not experienced in riding motorbikes or even mountain bikes. Always wear a helmet and other appropriate safety clothing (we highly recommend wearing gloves at all times). Ensure that your bike and all components are properly maintained and routinely checked. This especially applies to the rear axle nuts which should be checked before every ride but also the regular bicycle components such as the brakes and front wheel.
Always ride in a sensible and responsible manner. Serious personal injury to yourself and others could result from misuse. Be especially careful if offering test rides to your family and friends, even if experienced bike riders they will not be expecting the instant torque that electric motors can deliver. Also be mindful that a powerful electric bike will enable you to ride up a steep hill just as fast as someone on a mountain bike is coming down. This is one of the great joys ofebiking but it’s not something a mountain bike rider belting down a hill and coming around a corner is expecting to come across. Even on flat ground such as tight single track where you don’t have good visibility ahead you should never ride faster than you can quickly stop. Unless you’re riding in very remote areas you should always expect a fellow mountain biker could be coming the other way, or any number of meandering pedestrians out for a bush walk. We’ve come around blind corners on the single track to encounter everything from families with young children to a heard of geriatrics on a retirement home outing around blind corners on

Please check your state laws before riding any of our performance kits on the road, all of them are several times the legal limit. The low powered road mode should be engaged when riding in public and this limits your speed to 25km/hr. Regular road bikes can be easilypedalled much faster than this so if you want to go faster on the road all you have to do is pedal
High performance off road electric bikesaren’t currently on the radar of the police or other regulators. Don’t draw any negative attention to yourself and lets keep it that way!

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