Hire Or Buy E-goBoost is an Electric propulsion systems store that loves new technology coming to Australia. As a shopfront, we want the customers to come and test ride some of the coolest and money friendly products. Come find Us at Buddina beach sunny coast
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Ego-Tech was founded by one young entrepreneur Lukeuce Kleinschmidt in January 2016.

With a deep passion towards electrical propulsion & transportation, we have sort multiple manufacturers across the globe to provide our customers with cost efficient & eco-friendly transportation products.

As well as other technological products Ego-Tech’s online business model means unnecessary costs are bypassed and the savings are passed on to our customers.

We pride ourselves on having the latest technology products & being Australia’s only online store specializing in electrical propulsion transportation whilst offering an array of other active lifestyle products.We are a team that decided that we needed to be more involved in electric skateboards after the first time we tried them. We understand that these boards can be more expensive then some people can afford (to purchase) so we set out to give everyone access! Rent a 22 Kph board with brakes and 20kms range from us for 2 hours / Half day or full day! Contact us if you have any questions.

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